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A bRealTime Perspective on The Core Values

bRealTime employee Maria Laino, Publisher Development Manager for bRealTime, explains her experience with the CPXi core values. See what she has to say…

CPXi clearly thrives on being at the forefront, acting nimbly and quickly, and searching for the next trend in digital adtech. Since starting here a bit over a year ago, CPXi has developed accountability, achievement, adaptability, and curiosity in my work ethic. It’s also made me part of a great community of individuals who care for others and pursue unique interests outside of work as well. When in this environment, I’m challenged to kick it up a notch and achieve even more, both inside and outside of CPXi.

Simple accountability governs how I handle all of my work and responsibilities at CPXi. I organize my work flow and processes so that my piece of the overall project is seamlessly integrated with the parts my coworkers handle. This mutual responsibility makes the process more efficient, increasing accountability internally and also externally to the customer. When delegating or training others, I make sure that I am thorough so that the person handling the new work can be fully accountable to me for the work I delegated. And I also remain accountable to those I train because ultimately it is my responsibility that something is done correctly. It’s also great to know that my bosses are also being accountable for my work and also to me. Knowing that every person in the division and company are adhering to simple accountability creates a chain of trust and efficiency in the work flow.

Seeing others at CPXi exhibit the core value of uncommon ability to achieve pushes me to accomplish more. Sometimes work becomes stressful, hours get long, and it seems easier to remain complacent instead of pushing to achieve new goals. But the hard work of others reminds me that I can do so much more, and that putting in that extra effort now will make a difference in the future. Having quarterly goals and reviews helps keep me on track and pushes me to achieve more.

Without rapid adaptability, it’s easy to become irrelevant in this industry. I’ve only worked at CPXi for a bit over a year, but so much has changed already within the company and ad tech in general. Even the role I have, PDM for Biddr accounts, did not exist last year when I started working here. Without rapid adaptability, I would have missed a lot of opportunities. The creative atmosphere and ability to test makes it easier to accept change and stay nimble.

CPXi is a fun place to work because of the diverse interests of the employees and the activities that the company promotes. This past year, it was great to pursue my athletic interests through the ZogSports softball league that bRealTime participated in, as well as the discounted gym membership that CPXi provides. I’ve also been inspired to pursue more volunteer and charity work this year from the CPXi philanthropy initiatives. My bosses also show interest in my personal development and life outside of work, encouraging balance in all areas.

I love that CPXi donates to charities and also gets the employees involved, for example with the Thanksgiving food drive, toy drive at Christmas, and weekly food donations to the Bowery Mission from the leftover Thursday lunches. It’s great to work at a company that is using a portion of its profits to change the community and help around the world, and also encourage its employees to help as well. I also appreciate my bosses and coworkers for encouraging team work and caring for our team.

Similar to remarkable balance, curiosity that pushes through boundaries is a must-have in the digital ad tech industry. Working at CPXi has encouraged me to think creatively and find better ways to accomplish my work and goals. There’s also always something new to learn, and it’s been fun to give and receive training in different areas.


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