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A Glimpse into Women’s Leadership Roles

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, has been listed as 7th on Forbes.com list of the Worlds’s 100 Most Powerful Women In 2016 showing even more improvement from last year’s 8th position. Sandberg has also been listed at 14th on Forbes list of America’s Self-Made Women in 2016 which shows how much of a true innovator she really is.

Sheryl Sandberg graduated with her MBA from Harvard University. She started her career in life as the Chief of Staff for United States Secretary of the Treasury, Lawrence Summers. Later on in life, she went on to become the Vice President of Global Sales and Operations at Google and had high involvement in the launching Google’s Philanthropic side, also known as Google.org. In 2008, Sandberg became the COO of Facebook and 4 short years later was the first women to be elected, by the other existing board members, to serve on the Board of Directors of Facebook.

In May of 2015, Sheryl’s husband, Dave Goldberg who was the CEO of Survey Monkey, passed away. After this devastating event, Sheryl joined the Board of Survey Monkey in her husband’s honor all while keeping her obligations with Facebook. One thing Sandberg took away from this tragedy was the realization that she needed to include more information about single mothers in her book, Lean In, which led her to donate $31 million in Facebook stock to a charitable fund with the majority of which will go to Lean In, her nonprofit that supports women in the workplace and women’s empowerment groups. Her book is about empowering women to take on bigger leadership positions as well as encouraging men to endorse a more “gender equal” work environment as an effort to end sexual harassment and sexism in the workplace. The book also discusses the barriers still evident today when it comes to women moving up to higher positions at work and her belief that if women move up to higher positions then it will lead to a bigger change of creating equal opportunity for everyone.

Since she began work in 2008 as the COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg  has more than earned her spot as number 7 on the official Forbes List of Power Women in 2016. Through her book Lean In and her supportive move to the Board at Survey Monkey, she empowers women around the world to strive for success and encourages them to not be afraid to take chances to achieve their career goals which is why CPXi-DAWN is featuring her this month on our Spotlight on Women in Leadership.