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bRealTime Becomes one of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners

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Written by: Brian Weigel, GM of bRealTime

Since its inception, bRealTime’s focus has always been to develop strategy and solutions for our publisher partners in order to help them best leverage their digital media assets, from both a revenue and engagement perspective. Ideally, we are able to help them achieve this while also ensuring an optimal user experience. As part of that commitment, we are excited to announce that bRealTime is now a Certified Publishing Partner

We are very excited to further build on our vision of providing top notch value and service to our publisher partners through our Google certification and becoming a certified on DoubleClick AdExchange (AdX).

With AdX’s robust demand side integrations to support bRealTime’s deep experience in supply-side monetization, we look forward  to further enhancing our publisher offerings and to continuing to drive value for our partners. bRealTime has invested significantly in developing technology and consultative partnerships that allow us to integrate seamlessly into the publishers ad stack and drive more competition.

With the Google/bRealTime partnership we will be able to further ensure that we are bringing best in class services, technology, and monetization to drive the most value on every impression that we touch.

Google created the Certified Publishing Partner program to help its publishers grow and flourish. We’re proud to be one of the select few agencies recognized by Google for our cross-product expertise and to be authorized by Google to incorporate their ‘Certified Publisher Partner’ seal into our website and our marketing materials.