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CPXi Awarded B2B Marketer Award for Best Internal Communication

CPXi is honored to accept the award for Best Internal Communication at the B2B Marketer Awards and Conference that took place June 13, 2016. CPXi is humbled by this award, as “The Core” was a great undertaking for promoting the company’s core values.

Our six core values define what it means to be a CPXian. It is what distinguishes us from other companies.

Our Core Values are: an uncommon ability to achieve, simple accountability, rapid adaptability, remarkable balance, a caring community, and curiosity that pushes through boundaries. Our employees embraced these six core values through a corporate game we called, “The Core”.

“The Core” game was made up of challenges and activities, that gave our employees the opportunity to build up points that would then go towards the end of the year prize, which was a $1,000 travel voucher. Along with that, we also had employees and supervisors nominated coworkers they felt truly embodied one of the six core values. Through these core values, we created an engaging way for employees to interact with our newly developed core values. Below is a video detailing more information.

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