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CEO Mike Seiman Interviewed by Co.Tribute on CPXi’s Corporate Philanthropy

Co.Tribute, a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) platform interviewed Mike Seiman recently on the company’s philanthropic efforts. The interview was turned into an article titled, CPXi: Making Generosity a Part of Company Genetics.” Read the full article below.

When it comes to philanthropy, there are many companies doing their part to give back to the community in their own way. What sets some apart from the crowd is how innovatively and enthusiastically they engage their employees and their clients in their CSR programs. This is why CPXi’s philanthropic initiatives caught our attention.

Founded in 2000 by its present CEO Mike Seiman, CPXi has emerged as a strong competitor in the field of Digital Marketing and Advertising. With five divisions operating in the continents of North America and Asia, it comes as no surprise that the company was listed as one of the fastest growing Ad and Marketing establishments in Inc Magazine’s elite list of successful private companies. CPXi was also recognized as one of the 40 Best Places to Work in Advertising & Media by Advertising Age. 
We got to connect with Mike Seiman, who provided us with insights into the company’s philanthropic projects and how they influence workplace culture

Philanthropic at the Core 

Mike shared that giving back to the community and being socially responsible is in the DNA of CPXi’s value system. CPXi’s philanthropic initiative, CPXample, leverages the company’s digital advertising business to draw attention to the causes it supports. They do this by designing campaigns and donating online impressions that can effectively raise awareness and support for charitable initiatives. Every month sees an innovative, fresh set of impressions or campaigns being designed by the CPXample team to support a different initiative.

The company also places a strong emphasis on involving its employees in its mission to contribute to society, and regularly participates in campaigns orchestrated by non-profit organizations to raise support for a particular cause. One of the most recent successful monthly campaigns the team participated in was for the Headstrong Foundation’s movement to increase awareness of blood cancer, and enhance the support for victims of this disease. CPXi encouraged its employees and other individuals to dress in lime green, the awareness color of the disease. This was done as a part of the “Lime Green Fridays” initiative of the organization to promote the cause.

Lime_Green_Friday_Supporting_HEADstrongEmployees of the company have also gone down to the grassroots of philanthropic work, which is volunteerism. For example, the company took up the initiative to rebuild a school known as ‘The Village Academy’, which was destroyed recently by Hurricane Sandy. The employees engaged themselves in renovating and repairing the damages caused to the building, and made it a little more aesthetically attractive to motivate students of the region to attend the school. 

Mike, who is actively involved with Children International, helped with the construction of Community Centers in both Columbia and Ecuador that serve more than 10,000 local children. Mike’s long time connection to the organization also shed some light on their need to develop individual donations that provide children with essentials such as food, clothing, and education services. CPXi employees got involved with the organization as well by ‘adopting’ more than a dozen children through Children International.

Apart from its monthly philanthropic undertakings, CPXi also engages in various drives throughout the year. The drives it conducts are refreshing, interesting and different from the usual (albeit essential) blood drives. For example, drives conducted in the winter months include donating toys and sending holiday greeting cards to troops abroad to celebrate the holiday season. Ther eis also the ‘Coat Drive’ and the ‘Sock Drive’ that were other successful projects that encouraged individuals to donate warm items for the homeless during the winter months. What is unique about the charitable undertakings of CPXi is that the nature of its philanthropy is consistently heartfelt and versatile.

The Impact of CPXi’s Altruism on its Employees.

Mike shares, “Working at CPXi builds a sense of community. We have an understanding that we are a family that is building a business together rather than just a company that hires employees.”

The various initiatives the company engages its employees in have led to an effective bonding experience, not just between the company and its employees, but among the employees themselves. Giving back has led to greater levels of engagement and productivity from the employees as they have contributed to social responsibility efforts with their coworkers as a team helping to create the positive work environment that they have at CPXi.

Toys-for-Tots-at-CPXiThe company also emphasizes the culture of responsibility towards family and community, which drives its employees to work towards goals that are more meaningful than profits. Allowing employees to contribute their creative talents towards benefitting good causes keeps them grounded and hones their existing marketing skills as well.

CPXi also encourages employees to suggest causes that they’re specifically passionate about, in an effort to tie the company’s philanthropic initiatives to its employees’ desire to give back. In fact, half of the CPXample donated campaigns over the last year have been sourced through an employee connection. This, in turn, boosts the morale of employees, as they’re given a chance to support causes they feel passionate about. It also helps the team feel more deeply connected to the core values of the company. 

Client Engagement and its Impact

CPXi also reaches out to its clients to engage them in the philanthropic work of the company. The leadership team welcomes suggestions from clients on the kind of charitable work it can further invest in. This establishes a relationship of trust between CPXi and its clients, as customers can see that the company isn’t just interested in lucrative ventures but in charitable, community-oriented ones as well. The enhancement of client relations has led to CPXi establishing contacts with global conglomerates who are eager to associate themselves with a company driven by altruism. Mike shares, “companies are more apt to work with establishments that can provide a similar level of ROI, and at the same time give back to the community.”

We thank CEO Mike Seiman for sharing CPXi’s take on philanthropy with us. We admire the efforts CPXi takes in giving back to the community. The team at CPXi sure is an inspiration to other companies looking to engage in social responsibility!

Learn more about co.tribute and it’s contributions to philanthropy by visiting the organization’s website.