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Crisp and Clean: A Tradition Transformed

This article was written by Sahirah Johnson, Corporate Marketing Associate, CPXi.

In her Jamaican accent my aunt would say, “You must always be crisp and clean.” Every morning at 5am before work she would iron her Floral V-neck scrub top, and her drawstring scrub skirt. There were never any creases on her uniform and her skirts were always sparkling white. My aunt was a nurse and her hope was that the women in her family would become nurses as well and they did.

Being a nurse is an amazing opportunity, but for the generation today, the career options are expanding. Today’s elementary school girls are more interested in their passion. More and more we are seeing a rise in STEM careers by young girls. While men have had jobs over the past century in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, young girls career goals have grown grander and more ambitious.

The women of this generation are growing to become more gender nonconformist than any other generations before. This is the result from women who are actively succeeding in these diverse careers. A prime example of that would be, Sheryl Sandberg, Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, the world largest social networking site.

The STEM career field has traditionally been dominated by men, and women like Sheryl Sandberg who are pursuing careers in technology have opened doors for other women to explore the field. The significance behind women like Sheryl Sandberg involved in a STEM career proves even more that women can work in a male dominated industry. Women do not have to be limited to only becoming nurses, teachers, flight attendants, secretaries and hairdressers. Women in STEM careers are excelling and this is encouraging to young women who are identifying their passion and career paths.


There are programs that offer opportunities for women to become scholars in other career fields. In several colleges across the United States, diversity programs are implementing Women in Science & Engineering (WISE). WISE program recruits and supports women of all ethnic backgrounds in science and engineering. It helps foster a healthy academic environment through a combination of curricular and extracurricular activities. Through these participation, women in college have a better chance of being successful in their careers after college. In addition to this process, all women who are in WISE are paired up with a mentor.

The possibilities are endless for women in the STEM field. It is in our DNA to be nothing less than great, because women everyday are leading in the STEM industry. Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. I admire the dedication and hard work my aunt had for her career choice and it pushes me to find a career that I too can be proud of. Even though my professional attire to work won’t be scrubs, I will always instill the same pride and dedication in being “crisp and clean” (in the words of my aunt) as I pursue a career in Corporate Marketing.

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