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Extend Your Audience with AdReady

You may have heard of  ‘Audience Extension,’ but what exactly is it? Michael Juhas, Senior Director of Sales for AdReady (a division of CPXi), puts it this way:

“Advertisers seek direct publisher relationships often times to hit a specific audience. Audience Extension provides advertisers the ability to capture that audience in many different environments –  i.e. Display, Video, Mobile, Social. It is extremely valuable not only to advertise to consumers in the publisher’s environment, but also to seek them once they go off the site and travel throughout the Internet. AdReady provides a brand-safe environment for brands and publishers to continue to reach their desired audience at scale.”

Still a little fuzzy? In this video, AdReady further explains this technology and how you can harness Audience Extension to increase your advertising revenue.



If you want to learn more about audience extension and how it applies to your organization, contact CPXi at [email protected]!