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Follow-up From AppNexus Women’s Forum

This year’s AppNexus Women’s Leadership Forum had various speakers from high-end organizations, which offered attendees valuable information to use in their own working environment. The forum created a level playing field for attendees to network and build connections with other women.

At the forum, the speakers delivered thought provoking discussions that encouraged women to have a new way of thinking in the tech industry. Amongst these speakers, were Lisa Sugar, CEO and founder of POPSUGAR. One of the attendees, Maria Laino, Sr. Publisher Development Manager of bRealTime, connected with Lisa Sugar’s speech the most, and here is what she had to say.

Maria: Lisa spoke about how she started the company and managed growing her company, POPSUGAR. In her speech, she advised women to learn to embrace and build on their own natural skills and abilities. She described best practices for using those skills to stand out amongst your employees and use it to contribute at work.

The information that was given at The AppNexus Women’s Forum ultimately gave women that extra boost to be the best they can be in the workplace and in life. CPXi-DAWN was thrilled to attend the conference for the 2nd year in a row. Learn more about the Women Leadership Forum here and stay tuned for more information for next year.