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Guest Post: Why Men Have Better Professional Networks

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 1.30.54 PMCPXi-DAWN member and AdReady Senior Account Manager, Zabrina Janda, talks about the difference in networking opportunities between men and women in this guest blog post originally posted here.




Why do men have better professional networks than women? Especially in a time like ours when we are supposed to be breaking gender boundaries and rooting for our female counterparts. 3 words. The Boy’s Club.

The Boy’s Club is built from generations of professional relationships between men. Those relationship were first developed on the foundations of personal trust and simply enjoyment of one another’s company. I’ve observed my boyfriend and his friends navigate this cycle with such ease as though it was second nature. It seems that men learn this “bro code” from birth and don’t think twice about it.

So what is this cycle I’m talking about? It’s less of a cycle than an “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” mentality. Meaning that after an initial friendship is made, men have no problem introducing their new friend to other “friends” that could potentially make current and future business partners.

For example, we have one friend that just graduated from an MBA program. Really smart guy but having a bit of trouble finding a job in finance. One day, my boyfriend comes home and tells me he made a new friend on our roof who works for a very large hedge fund. Within 2 days, Miles creates a meetup between our good friend and his new “roof” friend in the hopes that the two would hit it off and create a job opportunity. Simple, but so brilliant. Not only did he create new connections between his friends but he also created further trust with each guy individually.

Now, I am not putting women down in any way here (we are amazing, powerful beings) but I have never had another woman create that kind of relationship for me. I wonder if we feel some sort of embarrassment like we are asking too much help from another person or it’s too much out of our comfort zone because we aren’t used to doing that. Whatever the case may be, I think we need to take this incredible and effective tactic to be used in our own Girl’s Club.

We should be promoting our smart, ambitious, business oriented girlfriends like there is no tomorrow! We build stronger friendships with each other than anything I have ever seen so why are we not expanding our professional networks like crazy? We obviously trust our friends and it would make me overjoyed to see two of my hard-working female friends create some personal and professional ground with each other.

Our lack of communication about job and business opportunities within the female circle is a reason why we aren’t hearing about the new promotion or getting our business plans out there. Men back each other up in these situations. They talk, they communicate. We as women need to begin talking about career and business with each other. More women are working, more women are starting businesses and we need to build a strong network that encourages our female friends.