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CPXi’s bRealTime Releases White Paper Detailing the Advent of Container Solutions


CPXi Acquires Opinion Engine and Data Management Platform, Sweigh


Consumed Media Selects Taboola as its First Exclusive Discovery Partner


bRealTime Announces Launch of Header Bidding Solutions


Ad Exchange bRealTime Launches Biddr+ for Header Bidding


CPXi Launches Biddr To Help Boost Publisher Monetization


bRealTime Joins Integral AdScience Certified Viewability Partner Program


AMA Honors 4 Under 40 Marketing Emerging Leaders


CPXi Named to Crain’s Best Places to Work 2015

Crain’s New York

CPXi on the 2015 Inc. 5000 List

bRealTime Becomes One of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners

AdReady Chooses HitPath for Support and Real-Time Performance Tracking

AdReady Wins Digiday Signal Award for Best Creative Optimization Solution Product

CCDR Launching Click-to-Call Product

Programmatic Mobile Ads On The Rise: bRealTime Revenue Jumped 682%

What To Expect From Programmatic in 2015

What Did New York Advertising Agencies Do To Avoid Bring Slowed By The #Blizzard2015?

Forbes Top 100 Most Promising Companies Include Several From Ad Tech

How The Old Ad Nets Are Upgrading

AdAge’s Best Places to Work 2014

CPXi Keeps Expanding Its Focus

IAB Certifies 29 Companies In Updated Ad Quality Program

CPXi Sees Private Marketplace Use Up 250% From 6 Months Ago

CPXi Launches Operational Foothold In Asia

CPXi Opens Offices In Indonesia, Taps Chen To Lead Operations

CPXi Launches Operational Foothold In Asia

CPXi Raises $30 Million In Funding To Grow Programmatic Business; Hirsch Promoted To President

CPXi Raises $30 Million, Promotes Hirsch To President

Digital Ad Company CPXi Raises $30M In Its First Outside Funding

MemSQL Eliminates ETL and Delivers Real-Time Advantage to Ad Tech Leader CPXi

MemSQL Announces New Tiered Database Platform For Combined Real-Time And Historical Data Analysis

CPXi Recognized As Job Creator by Inc. Magazine

AdReady finds a buyer, sells to digital media holding company CPXi

CPXi Acquires AdReady To Match Real-Time Bidding And Creative Services

Seattle Roundup: Amazon Hiring; AdReady Acquired; Paper + Moleskine & More

CPXi Acquires DSP AdReady

Programmatic Creative

Programmatic Testing Helps You Turn Customers Into Real-Time Creative Focus Groups

Sports Marketers Should Follow A Programmatic Creative Playbook

The Natural Evolution Of Programmatic Creative

Brands Need ‘Programmatic Creative’ to Keep Up with Ad Tech

EVENT: CPXi and Emory University Executives Discuss the Critical Need for Programmatic Creative at AppNexus Partner Series

CPXi Raises $30 Million In Funding To Fuel Growth of Programmatic Media and Programmatic Creative Technology and Services

CPXi Empowers Emory University To Leverage Non-Standard Display Opportunities

The Critical Need For Programmatic Creative

Study: Programmatic Media Buying Being Held Back By Ad Creative

Programmatic Driving Diversity

Programmatic Creative: Smart Application Of Tech, But Does It Truly Help With Scale?

CPXi Gets To Bottom Of Programmatic Creative To Achieve Scale

2014 Will Be The Year Of Programmatic Creative

85% Of Advertisers And 72% Of Publishers Use Programmatic Auction Strategies, According To A New Survey Of Digital Marketing Leaders

Thought Leadership

Google’s Latest Move Is Validation For Header Bidding Direction

Header Bidding: What is it and why should we care?

How To Be Problem Solvers, Not Product Sellers

True Programmatic For Publishers: Moving Past The Waterfall

Viewability: Consider The Publisher’s Perspective

The New Programmatic: Customizing The Pipes

A Six-Step Guide to Programmatic Direct [Infographic]

10 Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs In Between Jobs

How Digital Consumption Has Changed The Content Marketing Rules For Broadcast

8 Cause-Based Marketing Trends To Look For In 2015

The Year In Programmatic Direct

Build, Buy Or Partner? A Difficult Question For A Rapidly Evolving Industry

Experts: How To Capitalize On Consumers’ Need For Personalization

Ad Tech’s 20 Year Report Card: B

What North America is Saying: 21 Experts on Marketing in 2015

The Problem With Ad Viewability: Two Years In, Still No Consensus

A Margin Call For The Media Transaction Industry

10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today

Is A Man vs. Machine Battle Brewing In Programmatic?

Ad Tech Execs Are Using ‘Words With Friends’ To Negotiate Deals

Programmatic Brings Us Beack To 1:1 Deals

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Website More Appealing

11 Ways To Ensure Stellar Customer Service

The Natural Evolution Of Programmatic Creative

What will Simplixity do in the Growing Digital Landscape?

How Programmatic Will Continue To Change The Marketing Ecosystem

How To Implement An Effective Programmatic Solution

Preferred Programmatic: Widening Our View Of “Premium”

The Evolution Of Programmatic

Pops Goes The Social: 4 Signs The Social Media Bubble Will Burst

Division GM at Global Digital Media Co, CPXi , Shares Insights

Google Is Your Ultimate Frenemy

Solving Media Buyers’ Flat Earth Syndrome

Ad Tech’s Dirty Little Secret

Delivering On The Promise Of Digital

Macroeconomics And The Digital Space

What Will Publisher Biz Dev Teams Look Like By 2015?

Networks Alive And Well

Stop Saying Ad Networks Are Dead or Dying – Just Stop

In Programmatic, The Pressure Is On Creative To Deliver The Goods


Fears grow on online ad fraud

Bot Blindness Plagues UK Advertisers

A ‘Crisis’ In Online Ads: One-Third Of Traffic Is Bogus

Ad Fraud Remains A Moving Target

Mobile Bot Traffic Reportedly Grew 30% In 2013

Fraudulent Traffic: Adventures In Ad Farming

Google Aqui-hires And Founder Douglas De Jager

Humans Accounts For Less Than 40% Of Global Web Traffic

Premium Publishers Are Getting Victimized By Traffic Fraud/a>

IAB Chair: Time To Take Ad Fraud Seriously

Fraud Happen

CPXi To Combat Ad Fraud Issue

2014 Will Be The Year Of Programmatic Creative

How To Tell If Traffic Is Bot Related