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Sponsoring Kids Through Children International

Sam Racco, Director of Publisher Finance (New York City)

My favorite organization is Children International. After my first sponsored child, Luck, passed away it ripped me up inside. I had just started helping him, but it was too late. So I followed up and sponsored his 3 siblings. I felt that I was tied to this family and that I couldn’t choose another child and walk away. I then went on to adopt a little girl in India, a little boy in Colombia (he uses our center!), and most recently a little girl in Little Rock, Arkansas. I believe that every child should have access to things that will better their hearts, minds and bodies. They should learn and play and be healthy. They should strive to be better and get a proper education. Mostly, they should know they are loved. I believe Children International follows through on all of these things.

To learn more about CPXample’s involvement with Children International, click the picture below!