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Spotlight: Women’s March on New York City


On January 21st, nearly 54,000 people are expected to gather in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York City and march toward Trump Tower on 5th Avenue following the 45th Presidential inauguration on January 20th. According to the organizers of the event, participants are “marching to the doorsteps of this tower to promote the advancement of equality and human rights for all women, minorities and immigrants.”

The march is coined as the “little sister” rally along with more than thirty other “sister” marches planned across the country to support the big Women’s March in Washington D.C. programmed the same day.  A lead organizer for the march, Katherine Siemionko, said she is expecting 100,000 people to participate. “This march sends a message to the millions of foreign onlookers that the United States of America is not racist, sexist or anti-gay. We, its citizens, believe in equality and stand ready to fight for it,” Katherine wrote on the event Facebook page.