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Supporting Children Through World Vision

CPXample, our philanthropic initiative, likes to highlight CPXi employees and their favorite non-profit organizations. This week, CPXample is bringing attention to World Vision, a non-profit that supports children. Maria Laino, of CPXi’s bRealTime division, talks about her experience with this organization.

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Maria Laino, Jr. Manager of Publisher Development for bRealTime (New York City)

“I’ve been interested in World Vision and supporting its mission since I was a child. My family started sponsoring a child in Ethiopia and then Haiti when I was in elementary school. As a child myself, it was an important lesson in understanding the state of the world and how giving just a small portion of what my family had (just a dollar a day) could improve the lives of a girl or boy in need. Now that I am an adult, I’m able to sponsor two children through World Vision and share with them financially as well as through other means of support, such as sending them birthday cards and letters and praying for them and their families. Although World Vision is a global network and is doing work abroad, they also have many programs to help the poor and disadvantaged here in America. Living in New York City, I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at World Visions NYC storehouse, organizing school supplies and clothes to hand out at shelters and to families that need a little extra help to make ends meet. World Vision’s mission is to work with children, families, and communities worldwide to overcome the root causes of poverty and injustice. I like that World Vision has a broad reach, but works at the ground level to change lives. As a child, I learned to understand and care about giving to another child my age in Ethiopia, and as I matured it affected how I perceive the world and how I strive to share what I have with others. This changes people both as givers and receivers, and has helped World Vision reach many around the globe, from poor to rich, from individuals to communities.”

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